Corporate Wellness

We implore you to explore our Pre-employment health screening and learn how we can help your business. The result is the most effective combination of employee health promotion and corporate wellness programs that control costs ensure quality and heighten employee satisfaction.

Successful companies realize the positive results realized from proven health promotion and wellness strategies motivate employees to become better healthcare decision makers, effectively reducing benefit expenses spent. Let a First Healthcare Consultants employee/membership wellness program expert show you how to maximize your health and wellness program costs!

Available Services

Preventive Health Solutions Services 
First Healthcare Consultants (FHEC) provides specialized consulting services to assist clients with the development and integration of pre-employment health screening with your human resources policy. FHEC will develop a plan to meet the unique needs of your organization. An estimate of time and the materials required to complete a project will be provided. This program will address the initial employment health screening and education for wellness.

Biometric Testing
First Healthcare Consultants (FHEC) uses state-of-the-art technology to collect accurate and meaningful biometric data. All of our biometric tests are performed conveniently at the worksite with rapid results. The proper analysis of biometric data will develop a “true” health baseline for a designated population.

First Healthcare Consultants (FHEC) utilizes professional Health Coaches to contact and motivate people toward positive behavior changes. Our experts possess a wide range of academic degrees with varied work experiences and will deliver the highest quality information and inspiration. Our biometric screening is an important component of a comprehensive health and wellness program. For employers, biometric screenings provide important baseline data to shape the direction of their corporate wellness program. For employees, these screenings provide information on current and potential medical issues. We will engage employees with individualized, person to person communications that are available all day throughout the work week. The number of contacts with an employee is completely customizable to meet your corporate/organization needs.

First Health Care Consultants’ comprehensive biometric screening services can include:

Lipid profiles (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol)

Blood Glucose

Cotinine (identifies smokers)

Blood Pressure

Body Composition (height, weight, BMI, body fat and waist circumference)

Prostate Cancer (PSA) and Thyroid (TSH)


Pulmonary Function

Bone Density

Urinalysis and Culture

Audiometric Testing

Visual Acuity Testing

Oral HIV screening

Oral Drug testing