JCAHO Core Measures… JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals… Leapfrog… state initiatives… CMS… payers… NSQIP… It seems that all manner of organizations wants to measure your quality. Also, it seems like all manner of other organizations wants to help you “achieve quality”. As a senior executive or board member of your health system, you know what you need to do – make sure that every element of the organization is tuned to make certain that you are at the top in patient safety measures and at the very top of quality measures. If there was an affordable way to guarantee that your culture, processes, and information systems were aligned to achieve your patient safety and quality measures, as well as report to all of those entities who matter, you would have no second thoughts about doing “it.”

FHEC understands this burden and has a continuum of services that can support your needs. Over twenty years ago external influences pushed healthcare organizations to develop formalized quality programs and measurements. These programs evolved into continuous quality improvement programs that began to study process and organizational alignment – focusing on the “why” and not the “who”. These initiatives changed your organizational culture and in many cases, the way you do business. Today, these same influences are driving organizations to refine and augment quality programs into ones that focus on specific aspects of “how” care is delivered. We understand the requirements of this transition and how it effects your organization as you engage in the evolutionary process of moving quality initiatives toward patient safety activities.

FHEC is keenly aware of and has evaluated the many vendor offerings available that address one or two of the domains of change and how they affect the patient safety initiatives. These domains of change include:

·        People – who carry out the strategic direction or mission
·        Process – defining how work is done and aligning the work with the roles
·        Data – transforming data to acquire information

Our staff at FHEC have led and directed many quality initiatives and amassed the subject matter expertise to assist our customers through the myriad of vendors that have emerged in the marketplace offering services that focus on patient safety. In many instances, these vendors are focused on one, or possibly two, of the domains of change. Santa Rosa can offer you an experienced approach that will assemble your resources, existing vendor relationships, and the available tools into a cohesive and sustainable patient safety program.