When comparing our capabilities to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing First Healthcare Consultants are:

Our On and Offsite services option to our clients

Our IN HOUSE CONTRACTING provides the opportunity to decrease your cost per program, per student, per hour of instruction. In most cases, it takes about 15 participants to offset the cost of the program. For example, general registration rates to outside programs are about $200 per person for a one day program. In-house programs are a set rate for as many people as you wish to attend. For example, If an in-house program is $2000 and 40 people attended, the cost per person would be ONLY $50! 

The long-term contracting (Ex. 6 programs per year; or a set number of seats at one of our programs at a local hotel) guarantees a lower rate at a fixed cost.

Contracting eliminates repeated preparation cost due to instructor turnover

Contracting is a fee for service, saving over 33% benefit costs versus in-house instructors.

Contracting ensures quality proven programs; all programs are CEU approved.

We  Make a Difference in What We Do
Unlike other healthcare consulting firms simply providing a service, at FHEC, we combine our experience, proven knowledge, and time-tested skills to create additional opportunities for our clients. After we establish a plan and put achievable goals in place, we look at creating targeted opportunities.

Each opportunity is brought out with our customized and innovative healthcare consultancy expertise. Our solutions pass on opportunities that
brings about increased quality, productivity, and management.

In-House Presentations: FACTS
FHEC in-house presentations feature the following
1. Flexibility to clients needs
2. Opportunity to evaluate programs
3. Resource Materials for attendees

Our Employee/Membership clients stand to accomplish the following:

To promote safety in the work environment by ensuring that new applicant are free from medical conditions that could result in sudden incapacitation that can lead to an accident, especially, for health and sensitive jobs. Promoting health and safety will ensure that incident with high potential for injury, plant and environmental damage, harm to company reputation and financial loss.

To establish baseline health data against which future health status of worker be compared and will also identify existing medical conditions which
could be adversely affected by occupational exposure.

To emphasize and motivate high productivity and excellence in customer service.

To reduce the cost of onboarding new hires and manage the cost of escalating medical issues.

To optimize any organization resources by reducing absenteeism, health care, and worker’s compensation insurance costs.

To motivate employees to be proactive about personal health and wellness

Our community health clients stand to accomplish the following with our services:

Strengthen the community efforts towards health care.