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Correctional Health Quality and Risk Management

Correctional healthcare services are a unique field with potential risks and legal ramifications. At FHEC, our consultants and experts understand the implications of misalignment of processes and practices. At FHEC, we’re a company focused on continuous improvement, collaborating with our clients to identify ways we can effectively ensure our clients serve their ultimate end user: the offender. We maintain a constant awareness of the needs of the correctional system and we proactively develop solutions to meet those demands while improving quality, reducing costs and risk. We understand the uniqueness and mindset, which makes our services crucial to our clients.

Correctional nursing requires a unique individual with certain skills level and mindset. Without appropriate skills and mindset of correctional healthcare practitioners, the potential for risk is greater in correctional practices than any other healthcare organization of similar setting. FHEC correctional healthcare services:

*Independent program and services review.
*Clinical supports for correctional nurses.
*Correctional staffing organization orientation development
*Independent program audits.
*Accreditation preparation.
*Provide correctional nursing resources and expertise as needed

FHEC offers practical and extremely cost-effective needs assessment of the site and or staff, evaluation and research services required by the State to meet the standardized requirement for individual programs audits such as NCCHC, ACA, MCCS (Maryland Commission Correctional Standards), and other states’ recognized audit processes. Our experts will also provide ongoing planning, designing, monitoring/evaluation of processor program design for the specific facility to assure program success.

FHEC experts work with our clients’ management team to provide process-driven outcomes and evaluations that meet regulatory, legislative and healthcare quality expectations and mandates for health care services. Our services will help your facilities and staff reduce risks, promote quality and evidenced-based practices in a competitive dynamic healthcare industry.

FHEC constantly stays up-to-date with the policies and procedures related to the management of risk and liability associated with the medical operation. Current knowledge of all policy changes or modifications by the NCCHC/ACH that affect the medical unit and policies will be reviewed annually, at a minimum, or as the need arises. In addition, issues relating to risk management and the medical operation will be reviewed and discussed at continuous quality improvement
committee meetings.

Risk Management & Cost Savings.
Risk management and mitigation:  Our in-house expert ensures implementation of best practices and reduction of liability exposure for our clients.

Cost savings: proven record of reducing healthcare and litigation costs at sites where we provide services

Risk Mitigation
Our proactive approach to litigation and risk management at FHEC reduces our clients’ exposure to liability. Our in-house corporate legal department supports our clients’ facility-level quality assurance programs. FHEC team’s dedicated risk manager and policy specialist ensure our clients receive facility-specific healthcare policies and procedures based on national accrediting standards.

System-Wide Compliance Comprehensive Approach
Our highly experienced risk management team also audits healthcare facilities at random for compliance with policies, and monitors follow-up action plans. Our team provides regularly to review system-wide data, policies, services, and patient outcomes to identify trends that may benefit from corrective action to our clients. Our evidenced based proactive approach reduces patient complaints and potential lawsuits, while improving the clinical care provided to the inmate population.

Continuous Quality Improvement
FHEC offers a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program to our clients for ongoing review of the healthcare services they provide in their facilities. Our CQI Program includes regularly scheduled audits of inmate healthcare services to document any deficiencies and create plans to correct deficiencies. Our professional team will work with a committee comprised of both medical staff and facility administration governs the CQI Program.

The CQI committee acts on measurable data points, performing and reviewing process and outcome studies, as well as reviewing internal audit data. Our team also offers quarterly evaluation of the completed studies and audits. Our team’s CQI process includes the review of topics such as access to care, inmate grievances, offsite utilization, infection control and disaster drills. FHEC’s  CQI  services  is also responsible for routinely reviewing health records.