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Professional school nursing services bridges the gap between health, wellness, and learning. Services provided are evidence-based practices that promote optimal health necessary for academic success of all students.

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School Health Services: Introduction

School health nursing is an integral part of the well being of student’s in the school environments.  With the advent of technology, students with chronic diseases requiring high tech equipment are able to attend schools and school nurses are at the forefront of providing needed medical care to students in the school environment.  Furthermore, the Public Health Law of 1975 (94-142), stipulates that physically and mentally challenged students are to be admitted into the general education population. The updated 1999 version of the Public Health Law requires school nurses to provide nursing services for students with special needs such as gastrostomy tube feedings, tracheostomy care, diabetes care, clean intermittent catheterizations and other nursing care.

We provide our clients with the essentials of school health services to support student learning through the implementation of strategies that promote health and safety of students and staff. Our
professional school health consultants assume leadership roles in serving as the health coordinator of school health programs. We will provide you with that keeps our clients in compliance with the COMAR and IDEA regulations without breaking the bank. Our services afford school organization of any size the ability to support student learning without the hassle of managing and oversight. 
Our services are bound to improve your attendance rate and support the academic excellence of your schools! We employ professional school nurses: 

        *To assure compliance with federal and state health mandates.
        *To assist students to manage chronic and acute health conditions.
        *To provide strategies for the delivery of health education to students, staff, and visitors.
        *To promote healthy choices and lifestyles for students and their families.
        *To identify health-related barriers to learning and make appropriate school or community    
        *To strengthen community partnerships that facilitate student access to health care.

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School Health Services: Our Services

Basic Screenings for: 
* Vision
* Hearing

Monitoring of:
Federal and state guidelines mandate age appropriate immunizations for every child between the grades of Pre-K to 12th. To ensure compliance with these regulations, Our consultants will constantly be reviewing student’s health records. Students without appropriate documentation will have twenty calendars (20) days from the time the lack of documentation was noted, to comply with immunization regulations.

Click here Immunization Requirements

*Communicable Diseases


A communicable disease is an illness caused by infectious agents or toxins transmitted from an infected person, animal, or object to another susceptible person. Transmission can be person to person or through the environment.

*CMT Program (Certified Medication Technician (CMT) Program)


Administration of medication is a nursing function. Senate Bill 405, implemented November 2005, requires all non-licensed individuals who administer medications to be certified as a CMT. These individuals must successfully complete the 20 hours certified medication training.

Click here for CMT Information

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Healthcare Services

 Serves as the coordinator of the health services program and provides nursing care 
* Illness and injury care during the school day
* Nursing assessment & consultation for physical and mental health
* Health care planning for acute & chronic illnesses
* Prescribed medication administration & monitoring
* Emergency planning
* Nutritional services – supports healthy food services program
* Physical Education/Activity – promotes healthy physical education, sports policies, and practices
 * Counseling – provides health counseling, assessments of mental health needs, provides interventions and refers students to appropriate school staff as well or community agencies 
Healthy Environment: identifies health and safety concerns in the school environment and promotes a nurturing social environment

Educational services: identifies students with educational disabilities and coordinates care with school guardian counselor, school psychologist to plan educational accommodation through Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 to assist students in accomplishing educational goals.

 Health Promotion: 
* Health education for students, families and educational staff
* Advocates for prevention and wellness
* Advocates for safe and healthy learning environment
* Promotes parent/community involvement, serves as school liaison to a health advisory committee
 * Coordinates dental screening and cleaning with dental group during school hours 
* Staff Wellness – provides health education and counseling, promote healthy activities and environment for school staff

Resources & Referrals to:
* Health Care for children & families
* Family and Community Services
A cost-effective program has a great potential for large-scale implementation and to curb the childhood overweight epidemic. Cost of Implementing and Maintaining Comprehensive School Health Program. 
Contact FHEC to determine what program better meets your school’s need.